Y LIFT, the "closed facelift"

“Closed facelift” Y Lift

Y Lift, the closed facelift, leads facial aesthetics with its innovative technique. As a result, this procedure is the talk of the town in New York City. Its results are effective and lasting, because problem areas are precisely targeted. You don’t need to go under the knife for surgery with a long recovery, so your time is your own! 

Look 10 years younger in less than one hour, with lasting effects! 

No anesthesia. No stitches. No downtime. 

Restore your youth and beauty in your face and hands. Imagine looking through the letter Y: lift your high cheekbones and restore your crisp jawline and your youthful neck. 

To make an appointment for your free consultation, call 281-298-5476. Vedas is 10 minutes from I-45 and a step off The Woodlands Parkway, easy to get to.

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