What are Wellness Services?

Continuing support of your good health — wellness services — may include hormonal testing, nutritional testing, and a program of detoxifying your system. Ongoing periodic use of our Infrared Sauna will stimulate your system and enhance the detoxification process. IV Drip offers a broad range of vitamin and mineral boosters. Medical Weight Loss and Vedas Wellness Weight Control give you a choice of effective weight-related programs. Supporting all are vitamin and other supplement formulations just for you.

The benefits of Wellness Services

Wellness fills that important space between making you look good and making you feel good. When you are well taken care of medically and aesthetically, you will luxuriate in our Spa and maintain your health.

Call for your complimentary consultation appointment to explore your options. We will design a program just for you.

Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center is located 10 minutes from I-45 and a step off The Woodlands Parkway. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What is health?

What choices do I have?

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