Wellness 2019: Eight for the new year

Wellness 2019: Eight for the new year!

Staying well in 2019, especially in the wintertime, means keeping your resistance up. Basic wellness 2019 means that you get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and find ways to exercise.

Inner health

As a wellness center, we offer you wellness services to address endocrine and hormone issues. Remember, hormones are the messengers that tell your body how to work! Everything is hormones!

After your annual health assessment, wellness services can improve your inner health.

1 A good way to get a quick boost to start the year is with an IV drip treatment. IV Drip – a quick vitamin boost that comes in six varieties, from IV Nutrition to the Classic Myers Cocktail

2 Are you dealing with issues of Menopause – early, natural, perimenopause, postmenopause? Menopause is famous for masquerading and masking other issues. Let’s get to the bottom of your distress!

3 Men can benefit from learning about Testosterone therapy. Again, it’s hormones!

4 Be sensible and test out of any possible Thyroid disorders

De-stress your new year

Now is the time to nip stress in the bud, then make a plan to de-stress your life in 2019.

5 Add a practice like yoga or tai chi for your inner peace. Understand that “no pain, no gain” is passé. You need not hurt to be helped!

6 Make this the year you change your life with weight control. Vedas has several ways to help you cope with weight control. Adding Vedas Wellness Weight Control to your life gives you more personal control, with a guided approach by us at Vedas. As a result, you can lower the stress level that can send your body out of balance.

7 If you have needed antibiotics this year, you might be suffering from a yeast overgrowth and its accompanying distress. Plan to do a  detoxification course and to get direct treatment of the yeast overgrowth.

Test and re-test

8 Many tests, including lipid testing and cholesterol testing, can help to improve your general wellness outlook. From food allergy testing to vitamin deficiency testing and everything in between, Vedas is ready to care for your wellness 2019!

We are a one-stop wellness shop. Dr. Nangrani is a general practitioner as well as an anti-aging specialist! So call now for your wellness 2019 consultation and start the year right!



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