Well woman exam

Well Woman Exam

Your annual well woman exam will include a physical examination and a discussion of your medical history.

We will

  • note
    • your blood pressure
    • pulse rate
    • height
    • weight
    • BMI
  • do
    • a urinalysis
    • a cholesterol blood test
    • a lipid profile blood test
    • a diabetes blood test
  • check
    • your vision
    • hearing.

Your essential reproductive health exam will include

  • a breast exam and awareness advice
  • a pelvic exam
  • pap smear.

Additional screenings

  • annually through age 24 for chlamydia
  • do an HIV test once through age 64
  • test for hepatitis C once during adulthood
  • do a blood pressure check every 2 years
  • check your cholesterol every five years beginning at age 45
  • screen for colon cancer
  • refer you for a mammogram and bone density test.

Are your immunizations up to date?

  • You need a flu vaccine annually
  • tetanus-diphtheria every 10 years
  • shingles vaccine once after age 60
  • pneumococcal vaccine once after age 65.

We will help you stay healthy and strong! You are a vital part of your family’s good health.

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