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weightlossAre you ready for a permanent answer to overweight and obese weight loss? The best “real world” solution treats underlying causes of overweight. You can trust an evidence-based, nutritionally sound approach that is NOT just a short-term fix.

Excess fat tissue increases insulin levels and inflammatory status, causing disease and mortality; those commonly-cited bugaboos—excess weight and body mass index (BMI)—are simply measurements, not causes of disease.  Are you overweight, diabetic, malnourished, or suffer from metabolic syndrome? Then you are a good candidate for the Vedas Wellness Weight Control program. But if you are pregnant or have an implanted device like a pacemaker, you will not be able to use this program.

Vedas Wellness Weight Control gives you the tools you need! You can achieve lifetime management of your healthy body composition, setting targets for your specific body composition. We provide personalized, long-term maintenance. Vedas uses the most technologically-advanced, medically-sound, and physician-monitored fat loss program. Vedas incorporates the most recent advances in nutritional and medical research.

When you check in, your Vedas team will measure your body fat, lean body mass, and basal metabolic rate. Then, the system produces an immediate calorie and macronutrient count in less than a minute. As a result, it accurately monitors these crucial biometrics in real-time.

Vedas saves your data on your secure health record. You and your Vedas team can easily access your record from any internet-enabled PC. Your online wellness dashboard tracks your progress and trends and goals, and charts your success. As a result, you can see your lean mass, body fat, hydration level, weight, and basal metabolic rate.

Our essential goal is to significantly reduce your body fat while maintaining your lean body mass.

Weightloss Nutrition

Your nutrition program changes your diet. It reduces your caloric intake, increases protein to 35%, decreases carbohydrates to 35%, and strictly reduces simple starch and sugars. How to get adequate protein? Twice daily, you will take an all-natural partial meal replacement. Two other supplements will improve your insulin metabolism and decrease your inflammatory status.

Using Vedas Wellness Weight Control’s user-friendly, Internet-driven, meal planning program, you will choose from over 8000 food items. Your planned meals and snacks will be based on your caloric and macronutrient requirements. As a result, you can see maximal fat loss and maintenance of lean body mass and basal metabolic rate.

weightloss exercise instructionsActivity

At the same time, the program provides comprehensive exercise prescription and tracking tools. Your personalized calorie mapping system uses zip-code-driven street maps for walking, running, or biking. A bonus, a resistance exercise library will teach you how to perform various strength training exercises. As a result, you can lose weight and gain strength!

With such a great weight control program available, what are you waiting for? Vedas Wellness Weight Control is ready for you now!

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