When you conquer the underlying causes of overweight and obesity, you will own the tools to permanently control your healthy weight! Come to Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center to learn how!

Control Your Weight, Permanently!

Excess weight and body mass index (BMI) are simply measurements, not causes of disease. Your inflammatory status and insulin levels are caused by excess fat tissue. Bringing your system back to normal involves lowering inflammation and normalizing your insulin levels by getting rid of excess fat tissue. Vedas Wellness Weight Control program provides you help on all counts: inflammatory status, insulin levels, and excess fat tissue.

Vedas Wellness Weight Control, in a Nutshell

Your Vedas practitioner will measure and continually monitor your body fat, lean body mass, and basal metabolic rate, storing your data instantly on a secure health record, including a calorie and food requirement (macronutrient) count. Moderately reducing your calorie intake, you will increase proteins, decrease carbohydrates, and strictly reduce intake of simple starch and sugars.

Because this new regimen might be difficult to balance with food alone, you will also use a partial meal-replacement high protein/vitamin/mineral shake twice a day. Two other supplements will improve your insulin metabolism and decrease your inflammatory status. At the same time, you will have a customized exercise program to increase your strength and your physical activity. Following Vedas Wellness Weight Control recommendations for better sleep habits can improve your metabolism and reduce your body’s need to store extra energy as fat when poor sleep triggers your body to make more insulin and cortisol.

You will track all of these measurements on your personal online dashboard, where you record your progress and visually see your trend toward health. You will be in control! You’ll visit Vedas periodically, where your Vedas practitioner will review your personal weight control dashboard.

Benefits: What’s In It For Me?

Your most obvious benefit is your beautiful physical appearance. Simply losing weight helps you to avoid Type 2 diabetes and maintains your healthy heart. Lowering your risk for high blood pressure also reduces damage to your blood vessels. It’s all good here!

When Should You Begin?

It’s easy to think of weight control as a seasonal need…upcoming bathing suit season…upcoming cruise season…upcoming holiday season… But every day of your life will improve when you incorporate Vedas Wellness Weight Control into your daily routine!
Call now for your complimentary consultation: 281-298-5476.

For more information, see https://vedasmedspa.com/wellness-services/vedas-wellness-weight-control/.


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