Vedas: Knowledge Creating Precise Results

The word “Veda” is derived from the Sanskrit word for knowledge. Here at Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center, knowledge is alive in Dr. Nangrani and in every Vedas employee, procedure, and patient. Vedas: knowledge!

Dr. Nangrani’s Vedas

Vedas Medical Spa focuses Dr. Nangrani’s medical skill and knowledge as they combine to help her patients envision and obtain the positive inner and outer changes they wish for. Dr. Nangrani meets every aesthetic patient and performs all surgical procedures. Dr. Nangrani’s consummate skill at assessing her patient’s aesthetic needs and matching them to her patient’s desires shows a deep understanding of procedures and treatments and how to customize treatments to each patient.

Vedas Employees

Vedas employees, led by Vedas Operations Manager Tara Walker, all contribute valuable skills to the smooth running of Vedas Medical Spa, from initial consultation through assisting Dr. Nangrani at treatment procedures.

Complementing Dr. Nangrani’s procedures, Vedas employees continually strive to support our patients with soothing and restorative Spa treatments such as HydraFacial, Venus Freeze, and Infrared Sauna, as well as assisting patients with paperwork, before and after photographs, and all the other tasks that make a visit to Vedas so wonderful.

Vedas employees support and teach each other, and provide a pleasant and serene experience for Vedas patients.

Vedas Procedures

While Vedas procedures do not technically exhibit knowledge themselves, they require a great deal of knowledge. Each employee who treats patients is well-trained in and knowledgeable about the techniques and instruments used for those treatments.

Vedas Patients

Vedas patients are thoroughly prepared for each treatment they elect. From an informative consultation to pre-op and post-op instructions and details about their procedure, a Vedas patient’s knowledge provides a very high comfort level. The best patients are ambassadors for Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center, and they are Vedas family.

Vedas: Knowledge Creating Precise Results

Bringing all that knowledge to bear on every treatment and every patient provides a phenomenal opportunity for those who seek aesthetic improvements. Call us at 281-298-5476 for your complimentary consultation!

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