Vedas discreet for your in-home parties!Vedas Discreet

Our Vedas Discreet service offers you some of our most popular medspa treatments ‘in-home’! Have you ever thought about having a girls night? Do you want to do something a little different, but you can’t think of what to do?

Why not try our in-home service, where you can try VedasBaby Botox, which is designed for the first-timer?

You may be more experienced, so you feel like wine, dips and chips, AND Botox is party heaven!

We believe that a little goes along way, so we hold your hand every step of the way! Dr Nangrani has over 15 years experience and will administer the injectables herself, delivering precise results every time!

For more information, call for your free consultation and chat with our Spa Manager. Explain your plan and find out how we can make your girls night a big success! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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