Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Why do we experience urinary incontinence?

Urinary Incontinence is when you experience a lack of voluntary control and lose urine. As a result, this can be problematic and limiting to your daily activities, and extremely embarrassing when you are caught out. Urinary incontinence treatment

There are two broad categories of incontinence.

  • Stress Incontinence is when coughing or sneezing puts ‘stress’ pressure on the bladder and it leaks. Aging bladder muscles weaken and lose tone, very evident right after childbirth, as the muscles have been traumatized.
  • Urge Incontinence, sometimes called “overactive bladder,” is when you experience an urge to urinate frequently.

Bladder training and urinary incontinence therapies

Urinary incontinence therapy ranges from Botox injections to many hours of Kegel exercises to BTL Emsella treatment. FemTouch vaginal therapy may also help. Each therapy works in a different way, and one may work better for you than another.

FDA approved technology to treat urinary incontinence

BTL Emsella, FDA approved, is a great option for women of any age. Enjoy the immense benefit of living stress-free with an improved quality of life. Emsella delivers thousands of contractions per session to your entire pelvic floor. The treatment is pain free, feeling like a strenuous workout, and you remain fully clothed during treatment.

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