Advantages of The Woodlands Smart Lipo

SmartLipo-ready! Planning the procedure. Smart Liposuction is the better choice!Do you want to get rid of excess fat pockets? Do you want to avoid going under the knife for traditional liposuction? Smart liposuction is the better choice!

Additional advantages of Smart Liposuction:

  • SmartLipo is minimally-invasive, because there are no knife cuts.
  • It is painless, because you will be under local anaesthesia.
  • The tiny cannula works through a small incision, so it leaves no scars.
  • SmartLipo uses a laser technology and leaves less bruising.
  • Smart Liposuction at Vedas Medical Spa and Wellness Center melts excess fat before suctioning it out.
  • The laser stimulates collagen, as a result making your skin smoother and tighter.

We give you personalized care, every step of the way. From consultation to procedure to post-operation followup, we are here for you. We will answer all your questions. SmartLipo at Vedas will make you smart, too!

Vedas is 10 minutes from I-45 and a step off The Woodlands Parkway. Your SmartLipo consultation is complimentary. Call now for your appointment to meet Dr. Nangrani and discuss your expectations.

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