The New Kegel Throne – BTL EMSELLA

A Break through treatment for incontinence and confidence with long term benefits!

BTL EMSELLA is an FDA approved device that treats urinary incontinence. Clients are fully clothed and sit comfortably while the FDA approved device delivers thousands of painless contractions per session. Lovingly referred to as the new ‘Kegel throne’, our clients at Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center are loving their results. No more involuntary leakages, so confidence levels are high!

Depending on your specific type of incontinence, six sessions are recommended, with maintenance sessions thereafter. This is standard, but you may require more. A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes. A series of 6 treatments (2-3 times weekly over 2-3 weeks) is recommended for optimal clinical results.

What our clients are saying about EMSELLA
* We love the non-invasive solution to urinary incontinence
* The treatments are quick and pain free
* It is a great option for women of any age!
* Improved quality of life

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