IPL or Laser Hair Removal?

The difference between IPL and laser hair removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser Hair Removal (LHR) both work on the principle of selectively damaging hair follicles to slow or stop new hair growth. They can have similar results, but they are not the same.  Removing unwanted hair from problem areas in your body can seem like an ongoing project.

Hair’s growth cycle

Each strand of hair is at its stage: 85%-90% of hair will be in a growth phase, lengthening about 1 cm per month. Your genetics determines how long this stage lasts. In addition, an individual hair may last from three to five years. The remainder may be in a two-week transitional phase, while the follicle shrinks, cutting the strand off from its blood supply. Then for one to four months, 10%-15% of the hair is resting and perhaps shedding.

Laser Hair Removal Explained

Unlike temporary procedures like waxing and shaving, laser hair removal permanently reduces the amount of hair after each treatment. The technician matches the specific wavelength of light and pulse duration of the laser to get the best effect. The laser focuses on the pigment melanin in the hair follicle, heating and physically damaging it without harming surrounding skin. Laser hair removal relies on a natural contrast between skin color and hair pigment, as the melanin absorbs the energy while light colors reflect the energy. Both white hair and artificially dyed dark hair are not as easily removed by LHR. The laser works best on dark, coarse hair and light skin. The YAG laser can target black hair in patients with dark skin with some success. [Wikipedia]

LHR only affects hair in the active growth phase. After several treatments, hair in all phases of growth will be affected, and your problem areas will finally be hair-free. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the laser procedure, which effectively targets only the treated areas. It can be used on the legs, underarms, bikini, chin, upper lip, back, arms, and neck.

Intense Pulsed Light Technology

Paler hair can respond better to IPL. This treatment uses xenon flash lamps emitting full-spectrum light. IPLs offer some advantages over laser, with wider pulses, useful for larger diameter targets. Some IPL systems are more successful in the removal of hair and blood vessels than many lasers.

How do you choose between IPL and laser hair removal?

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