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If you have a tattoo, you probably clearly remember your exuberance when you first had it inked. Then you discovered that tattoos are virtually permanent. Even tattoos applied with a ballpoint pen can last a long, long time. Permanent makeup is actually tattoo, something to keep in mind if you are considering dermablading.

Why Do Tattoos Linger?

The ink particles in tattoos are too big to be removed naturally by normal human growth and healing processes. When you want to erase a tattoo, you might have tried dermabrasion, acid, or scrubbing the skin with salt, all less than perfect methods. Our Ellman Multi-Platform Laser is one of the latest technologies in tattoo removal, and is a safe and painless treatment for tattoo removal.

“Erasing Tattoos” Depends on Your Body’s Immune Response

The destruction of tattoo pigments depends on the color of the light penetrating deep into the skin to reach the pigment, mimicking the natural fading that time or sun exposure would create. The laser light must be more highly absorbed by the tattoo pigment than by the surrounding skin, often requiring different laser light colors.

Although darker blacks and blues may be readily removed, yellows and fluorescent inks absorb light outside the emission spectra of the tattoo removal laser. Pastel pigments contain high concentrations of titanium dioxide and are highly reflective; they do not absorb the tattoo removal laser emissions that are required to break down the ink particles.

Short laser bursts fragment the pigment without burning the surrounding skin. Inflammation from the laser treatment and the natural stimulation of an immune response ultimately removes the tattoo ink, usually requiring numerous treatment sessions spaced several months apart.

After Each Laser Treatment

Immediately after laser treatment, white discoloration may be observed. Minimal edema and redness of adjacent normal skin should resolve within 24 hours. A crust appears over the entire tattoo that sloughs off at about two weeks, taking some of the pigment with it. A simple wound care with no ointment is best. Fading of the tattoo will be seen over the next eight weeks. The next treatment can be tailored depending on each subsequent response. Some pigments actually change color through the course of treatment, and will be treated according to the new color.

Considering a Tattoo or Permanent Makeup

Tattoos on the ankles, wrists, and hands generally take the longest to remove. Your immune system is also a key factor; a compromised immune system will affect tattoo removal, which depends greatly on the immune response.

Call Vedas for your complimentary consultation regarding your tattoo removal. For more information, see Tattoo Removal and the Wikipedia entry.


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