I’m Ready for SmartLipo

Getting SmartLipo-ready! After many months of hard work and eating well…eating right…and getting down to a good weight, do you still have some extra lumps and bumps?

You’ve gone to the gym; you are really toned up. Why haven’t those lumps gone away?


SmartLipo-ready! Planning the procedureHave you heard about liposuction that can remove those pockets of fat that diet and exercise won’t touch?

When tons of effort put into your new lifestyle disappoint you, don’t despair! The latest kind of liposuction, SmartLipo, can take care of that fat. SmartLipo is non-invasive, using a fine-fiber laser through tiny access incisions to melt the fat. The fat drains away through a small tube. You can actually see the fat that is removed, never to return!

How do I know if I’m SmartLipo-ready?

You know your own body. When you feel that you have hit a plateau with self-improvement, go the next step and call Vedas for a consultation. Dr. Nangrani will discuss your wishes and expectations, and together you will create a plan for getting there.

More information about SmartLipo

SmartLipo at Vedas Medical Spa


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