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SmartLipo is a versatile procedure that is especially useful on those hard-to-lose fatty areas like the infamous ‘double chin and jowls.’ When you have lost that youthful jawline, we can help you get it back! SmartLipo is never about losing weight, but always about regaining a youthful shape and look!

We see many clients with problem areas like abs, chest, and the fatty area near the armpit. These areas don’t respond well to your efforts at dieting and working out, and they always respond to SmartLipo. The doctor inserts a small laser fiber wand above the muscle, where the laser heats the fat. Using a tiny cannula, the fat is suctioned out to a canister, so you can actually see what is removed. The results are lasting—with a good diet and exercise, new fat does not fill that spot again. Over time your body’s healing response generates more collagen, resulting in tighter, firmer skin.

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