Look Younger With Silhouette Facelift The Woodlands

Silhouette Facelift The Woodlands offers visible and natural looking results without major surgery. This is a great noninvasive procedure that is perfect for sagging jawline, heavy brow and regeneration of rosy cheeks. After the treatment, the patient will notice a fresh, rejuvenated look.

This treatment is proven effective in countering the effects of volume loss in the face due to ageing. Silhouette Facelift works by stimulating collagen to form around the suspension sutures that the doctor has placed to redefine your target area. The suspension sutures have fully-absorbable cones that immediately provide an excellent anchoring point in the subcutaneous tissue. Collagen induction around the cones creates a solid support of the soft tissue. As the sutures and the cones absorb over time, capsules form around them, providing improved fixation points for superficial tissue.

If you want to schedule a consultation with us regarding Silhouette Facelift to know if you are the perfect candidate for it, make sure to call us here at Vedas Med Spa.

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