PDO Threads

PDO Threads lift the tissue and absorb over time, while new collagen and elastin remain to recontour your face.Your first thought when hearing “PDO threads” may be “the incisionless mini-facelift.” Used for your face, neck, and jawline, this is a spectacularly good procedure. The absorbable polydioxanone threads and medical sutures use the same material.

Think beyond your face! Threads can effectively tighten loose and sagging skin on practically any part of your body! The procedure implants the fine suture into the subcutaneous layer of your skin using a small, preloaded needle. As a result, anchored within your tissue, it tightens your sagging skin. A natural response encourages controlled healing under the skin and induces collagen production.

Applying smooth sutures in a mesh resolves crepey skin and minimizes acne scarring. As a result, improvement appears without a drastic change.

Using barbed sutures produces a more dramatic, immediate result. Pulling the sutures in one or two directions creates an instant skin repositioning. The skin then builds new collagen and secures the lift!

Now is the time to tighten your loose and sagging skin!

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