Nutrigenomic Genetic Testing

Nutrigenomics in a nutshell

If supplements are part of your diet, you will want to consider genetic validation of your enzyme function with nutrigenomic genetic testing. Many food supplements may not be effectively delivered at the cellular level. Don’t waste time and money on nutritional ingredients that your body can’t use effectively!

Nutrigenomics studies how your genetic makeup affects your metabolism and response to nutrients and other components in food and other dietary substances. It focuses on identifying and understanding your molecular-level interactions.

Identification of your inherited genetic code, or genotype, can be done by means of a blood analysis or a cheek swab, from which the DNA is analyzed.

The big picture

We all carry slight variations in our DNA, naturally-occurring mutations that may influence the way we absorb, transport, store, or metabolize nutrients. This can show up as requirements for different nutrients. This different metabolic potential may be an advantage in terms of natural selection, for instance, how the ability to digest lactose spread in cattle-raising populations.

Goals of nutrigenomic testing

Finding genes that make some people more susceptible to obesity and obesity-related diseases is a major goal of nutrigenetic researchers. For instance, the “thrifty gene hypothesis” suggests that people with this gene store high-calorie foods as body fat, and possibly evolved as a protection against starvation during famine. But candidates for the thrifty gene have not been identified. When researchers prove the existence of a thrifty gene, they may also find counter-effects to use to prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases.

A major goal in nutrigenetics is to individualize your health and diet recommendations, and to provide the best preventive medicine, diagnostics, and therapies. You may be a candidate for nutrigenomic genetic testing. Health counseling based on nutrigenetic analysis is usually more successful than conventional diet counseling. Call today for your appointment!

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