NeoGraft The Woodlands

NeoGraft The Woodlands

Hair loss causes may be helped with a better diet, less stress.
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We experience hair loss due to stress or other biological changes. It becomes a source of stress for many. But you need not worry about hair loss again. You don’t have to be anxious about wearing obviously fake hair. With NeoGraft The Woodlands, you may have a permanent, natural-looking solution to balding.

Several factors may contribute to your hairline’s fast decline. Are you genetically predisposed to hormonal imbalance? Constantly under a lot of stress? They interrupt hair growth. Poor nutrition can reduce vital amino acid and vitamin absorption needed for hair growth. No matter what the reason, NeoGraft The Woodlands may bring back healthy hair growth. As a result, you get  your healthy head of hair back!

Vedas Med Spa Offers Safe Hair Transplant Surgery

Going bald or suffering a receding hairline after enjoying years of having a full head of healthy hair? These can cause depression or lack of self-esteem. Both men and women can experience baldness or reduced hair. We used to hide beneath hats or caps, or try to fool everyone by wearing a wig. But why go for temporary solutions when you can go for NeoGraft The Woodlands – a procedure that offers a permanent answer!

Experience Hair Restoration With NeoGraft

Experience the wonders of NeoGraft The Woodlands. This new, automated hair transplant system facilitates harvesting individual hair follicles. We offer this great noninvasive procedure for hair transplant here at Vedas.

Call 281-298-5476 to book your free consultation with Dr. Nangrani and our Spa Director. Together, you will discuss your expectations and design your treatment plan.

Vedas is 10 minutes from I-45 (Houston’s North Freeway) and a step off The Woodlands Parkway. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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