Preparing For Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant preparation

Hair transplant preparation is important. Courtesy of NeoGraft.

Just like with any other surgery, doing the right preparation before a hair transplant procedure is vital. You will have thoroughly discussed your hair transplant during your consultation.

If you color your hair, recolor a few days before the procedure. After the procedure, you must wait 6-8 weeks before you can color your hair again using a semi-permanent color. Permanent hair color can be used 3 months after your surgery.

Two weeks before the procedure

  • Stop taking medications or supplements that contain aspirin, ibuprofen, herbs, or Vitamin E.
  • To help with healing, start taking 1000mg of Vitamin C three times a day and start taking 4 pellets of Arnica twice a day.

One week before the procedure

  • Refrain from alcohol, which makes you more likely to bleed during the procedure.
  • Refrain from smoking and nicotine products. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, hindering oxygen-rich blood from getting to the surgery site.
  • Stop using Rogaine products.
  • Refrain from coloring your hair a few days before the procedure.

Night before procedure

  • Wash your hair with regular shampoo the day before surgery, not the day of the procedure.
  • Be sure to have picked up all your prescriptions; bring them to the appointment.
  • Be sure to have arranged for transportation to and from our facility.

Day of procedure

  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • Wear a button-down shirt or something easily removable.
  • Consider what hairstyle you will wear for your procedure. The donor site will be shaved down to skin level.
    • A short haircut will show your surgery site.
    • A long haircut will let us comb your hair over the donor site and provide camouflage.
  • Smoking is strongly prohibited as this will delay your wound healing time.

During the procedure

  • Bring your books or music.
  • You may use the restroom at any time.
  • We will break for lunch if your procedure is a long one.
  • Friends and family are not allowed in the surgery room, but they can visit and check your progress.

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If you want more information about how the procedure works, make sure you consult us here at Vedas Med Spa.

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