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BOTOX® The Woodlands

Wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines show how much life you have lived! They show whether you are happy, sad, angry, or surprised. As a result, Botox cosmetic wrinkle eraser injections seem to turn back aging and erase the effect our emotions have had on our faces. And your results last up to four months! They can also help prevent future wrinkles and deepening of existing lines.


The most-studied product of its kind

BOTOX Cosmetic is the most studied product of its kind with over 500 clinical trials and over 30 years of innovation. It’s been over 30 years since the first FDA approval for therapeutic use in 1989.Botox cosmetic

#1 selling product of its kind

Providing predictable and subtle results, BOTOX® Cosmetic is the #1 selling product of its kind for over 18 years.

There’s only one BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only FDA-approved product of its kind for the temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines in adults.


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