Mini Face Lift Techniques in The Woodlands Using PDO Threads

mini face lift techniquesUsing polydioxanone (PDO) sutures, created for use in cardio surgery, PDO threads have revolutionized minimally-invasive facelifts. The threads encourage controlled healing after the doctor inserts them. Your skin creates new collagen that helps smooth and tighten your facial skin. Your body absorbs the PDO threads gradually, leaving the impressive improvement they helped create. Here are two mini facelift techniques using PDO sutures:

Mesh – In this technique, the doctor uses smooth threads. She creates a mesh underneath the skin as she inserts two sutures vertically and three horizontally. The mesh usually acts as the foundation for the production of new collagen as the skin repairs itself. This method makes the skin tight from within, and the effects are not drastic.

Lift – The doctor uses this method when you want to see dramatic results right away. Unlike the smooth threads in Mesh, the doctor uses barbed threads in this technique. The sutures are inserted similarly but they can be pulled in either one or two directions. The pulling allows instant repositioning of your skin. As it heals, your skin produces more new collagen, tightening and lifting once-saggy skin.

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