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The stress we have endured over recent weeks is as good a reason as any to feel anxious and this week in-particular is global Mental Health and Wellbeing week. The Mayo Clinic explains that anxiety can be brought on by a big event or a build up of smaller stressful life events. Certain personality types are more susceptible than others to experience anxiety. Here are 5 helpful tips to identify and treat higher levels of anxiety. Dr. Nangrani is a board certified medical doctor who believes in treating the whole individual. Vedas, is your one stop shop for your medical and aesthetic needs.

Monitor how you are feeling?

Be mindful: anxiety is a part of life! The daily grind of work-life balance can take a toll. Adopt healthy de-stressing options like daily exercise and goal setting to combat feelings of stress and feeling overwhelmed. Set one goal per day, ‘a daily win!’ that you can achieve. Run a mile, read the book you received as a gift, or make that recipe from the magazine you just read. These goals can shift your mind-set into a more positive space.

How to treat anxiety, and when to seek professional help?

Anxiety and depression are treatable. If you don’t think your self-help methods are helping to get you into a more positive place, seek professional help. The solution may be straight forward: a change in diet, or a treatable hormone imbalance, for example. There are a myriad of resources to help you if you are suffering. The first step is to seek professional guidance. Unfortunately, 80 percent of children with a diagnosable anxiety, and 60 percent with diagnosed depression are not getting treatment, according to 2015 child mind institutes’ mental health report.

Learn your triggers

Important! Be aware of the causes of stress that trigger your anxiety. Keep a journal to help you keep track of your daily routines, so you can learn how to break the cycle. A first step to breaking the cycle is to call and seek professional advice and remember that you are not alone and not the only person experiencing mental health challenges.

Eat a healthy diet

Dietary supplements and other micronutrients support your health as multi-vitamins, vitamins, minerals, and substances that your body may need.

Dr. Nangrani’s holistic approach treats the whole individual. Hormone and blood tests can indicate the state of your inner health. If you want to look refreshed on the outside, come to Vedas, an Aladdin’s cave of fabulous services delivered by the latest technology.

Seek professional help when you need it

Take action; if you feel like you cannot improve your mental health on your own. The following mental health article written by the Mayo Clinic gives a real insight to diagnosis and treatment.

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