Lupus disease

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What is Lupus?

Lupus disease is a long-term disease that can cause inflammation and pain anywhere in your body. Although inflammation normally happens when your immune system fights infection or an injury, in Lupus, your immune system attacks your healthy tissues and organs. Lupus most commonly affects skin, joints, and internal organs like your kidneys and heart. Because it affects so many parts of your body, it can cause many different symptoms.

Kinds of Lupus disease

Usually, we think of systemic lupus, the most common form. But a more limited form is cutaneous Lupus, limited to the skin. In addition, certain prescription drugs can cause Drug-induced Lupus. And Neonatal Lupus, a rare condition, can affect infants of women who have Lupus.

Lupus may develop in response to hormone levels. Because hormones regulate many of your body’s functions, if hormone levels fluctuate, you may have symptoms that trigger lupus.

Although researchers have identified more than 50 genes that are more commonly seen in people with lupus, there is no definitive test for a genetic trigger. Because of these common genes, certain ethnic groups may have a greater risk of developing Lupus.  Those groups include those of African, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Island descent.

In addition, most researchers today think that an environmental agent, virus, or chemical may act to trigger the disease in genetically susceptible people.

Other potential triggers

  • Ultraviolet rays, including the sun and fluorescent light bulbs
  • Sulfa drugs
  • Tetracyclines that sensitize you to the sun
  • Penicillin and other antibiotics
  • Infection, colds, or viral illnesses
  • Exhaustion
  • Emotional stress, including divorce, illness, death in the family
  • Stress-causing events like surgery, physical harm, injury, pregnancy, giving birth

As you can see, it seems as if it could be anything setting it off!

Features of Lupus disease

Lupus facial rash

Lupus facial rash

Lupus is difficult to diagnose but a common feature is a butterfly-shaped rash on the face, typically on the cheeks. Other symptoms include extreme fatigue and joint pain. Some people are born with a pre-disposition to Lupus and stress. As a result, even sunlight and certain medications can result in the disease flaring up.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Facial rash
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Dry eyes

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