Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ The Woodlands

If you are thinking about getting rid of a tattoo through Laser Tattoo Removal The Woodlands, this tattoo removal FAQ will give you more information:

  • What is a tattoo? Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body to disintegrate on their own, which is why they last many years.
  • How do you remove tattoos? Instead of using earlier methods that lead to scarring or lighter skin in place of the tattoo, laser effectively removes tattoos without side effects or damage to the skin. Laser tattoo removal breaks up the ink particles, bit by bit, for the body to remove as it heals. After several sessions spaced weeks apart, the tattoo has been erased.
  • Is the process painful? A laser emits pulses and doesn’t impact the skin too hard. The sensation is said to be similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.
  • Will it leave a scar? It shouldn’t if you follow the after-care instructions of your doctor. The risk of scarring can increase for pregnancy, dark skin tone, poor circulation, and immune system deficiencies.

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Tattoo removal aftercare

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