Juvederm favorite

Juvéderm: a favorite filler

The benefit of temporary fillers

Fillers replace lost volume, especially in your cheek area, resulting in a more youthful look. Aesthetic doctors like Dr. Nangrani see hundreds of women, and from her experience in the field, she can easily determine the filler that will work best for you. Juvéderm is a favorite of our client Mary, “it is long-lasting and results are always so natural, and that’s why I am a repeat user,” she says. Results prove Juvederm favorite of many clients!

Our bodies break down fillers at different rates. Your lifestyle is a factor: if you work out regularly or you have a fast metabolism, your body metabolizes the product more quickly, though not at an alarming rate. That’s why one client might come in for a refill every 12 months and another only need to see us every 18 months.

Juvéderm provides more structure for collagen

Facial fillers injected below the skin smooth the surface texture by pushing up from below the surface, filling indented scars, lines, and blemishes. In a healing reaction, your body responds to the injection of filler by creating collagen.

Fillers give you a beauty that is more than skin deep

At Vedas, we like to think that we take a journey together. If it’s your first time looking into aesthetics, look no further. Dr. Nangrani has an established practice with a loyal clientele. We are growing year on year, and that is a testament to the service that we provide. You, our client, are central to our core values. We and Juvederm favorite!

What about my consultation?

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