“Hormones!” we say, sighing and shaking our heads when a young person ardently pursues a romantic relationship.


Are we older persons past being “hormonal”? Never! Hormones are signaling molecules that regulate physiology and behavior, and when hormones are unbalanced, any number of normal functions are affected.


Men and women with hormone imbalance may show fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, brain fog, depression, anxiety, acne, unstable blood sugar, low blood pressure, low libido, erectile dysfunction, a loss of interest in sexual activity, low self-esteem, menstrual cycles, and breast abnormalities.


Yes, hormone imbalance can affect a lot!


Woodlands Functional Family Medicine can rebalance your hormones with BioTE bio-identical hormone therapy. Because our bio-identical hormones are plant-based, not synthetic, they have been shown to have fewer side-effects.


BioTE hormone therapy is not a pill or injection. A small pellet is placed under your skin, where it dispenses its goodness for up to six months. This keeps hormone levels consistent throughout the day, and avoids the rollercoaster effect of orally administered or topical therapies.


If you are feeling “off” or exhibit any symptoms that I mentioned above, come in and optimize your hormones at Woodlands Functional Family Medicine.

Learn more at biote-individual-hormone-optimization-utilizing-bio-identical-pellets


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