Hormonal Testing

Symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and bloating can be due to a hormone imbalance. Since our hormones change as we age, it’s a good idea to find out your hormonal status as you get older, especially before considering any type of procedures.

Your glands produce chemicals that are carried in your bloodstream to another part of your body. Hormones control many important body activities, such as growth. They act by triggering or regulating chemical reactions in the body.

One Day Hormone Check checks key hormone levels during a 24-hour period. This panel analyzes cortisol and DHEA, and determines the secretion pattern for melatonin. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that regulates many processes throughout the body, including metabolism and your immune response. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) has powerful effects when converted into other hormones such as testosterone and estradiol. It circulates in the blood and provides about 75% of estrogens before menopause, and 100% of estrogens in the body after menopause. DHEA production gradually decreases into old age. Melatonin helps control your daily sleep-wake cycles.

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