Filler in the lips

Filler in the Lips

Dermal fillers restore lost volume in your cheeks, erasing age wrinkles or acne scars. Now you can also subtly enhance your cupid’s bow. Add fillers to the lips and make your new look naturally kissable!

As your body ages, it makes less and less collagen, with the result that your lips thin with age. If you have always had thin lips, you may see them thin even more! But average dermal fillers may be too heavy to use as injectables for lips.

Avoid overdone lip augmentation by using fillers specifically designed for your lips. Best of all, they will be applied by Dr. Nangrani, a long-time expert with injectables for lips. You can choose between several Restylane fillers, Restylane Silk and Restylane Kysse, and Juvéderm Ultra and Juvéderm Volbella. How can you choose? Your expectations and your body will guide Dr. Nangrani to the lip filler appropriate to you.

Energizing Drips

Vedas IV Drip Room

Food can be the best medicine, and good nutrition must underlie all of your wellbeing, keeping a healthy energy balance and providing you with sufficient nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. We can help you strategize good eating habits as well as good meal planning skills. We must eat to live, and if you need help sorting out the fabulous food from the mediocre, we are here for you! One way to learn good menu planning is through our Vedas Wellness Weight Control. In addition to traditional healthy eating, a vitamin and mineral IV drip in our IV Drip Room might be the boost your body’s needs.


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Dr. Nangrani offers you a free consultation, and she will design your treatment personalized to you.

Vedas is minutes from I-45 (Houston’s North Freeway) in The Woodlands. Call 281-298-5476 to book your consultation and consider adding filler in the lips for a younger-looking you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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