If you have gone from one diet to the next without lasting results, you should consider Vedas’ hCG diet for weight loss. With our support, you should be able to achieve your optimal weight loss.

hCG, a hormone produced during pregnancy but present in both men and women, helps boost your metabolism, releasing stored fat to be used as energy. Periodic injections of hCG will maintain your metabolism and eliminate hunger. Ideally, you will combine hCG injections with a regular program of exercise. A regime as light as walking 20 minutes a day will help you lose weight faster! An hCG diet is a very strict diet that eliminates the sugar and starches that stimulate production of insulin and prevent them from being converted to fat. Sticking to the diet will maximize your weight loss results.

There are four phases to the hCG diet.

Phase one consists of 2 days of loading. Doesn’t that sound fun! Foods high in protein and fats are recommended for this phase, as it helps fuel phase two.

During phase two, you will see a transformation during days 3-42.

Phase three is the stabilization phase, when you commit to a daily calorie intake and weigh in everyday for accountability.

Phase four is the maintenance phase, when a lifelong plan is established and maintained, hunger is normalized, cravings minimized, and individual accountability encouraged for both eating and exercise activities.

Vedas’ hCG diet is a great plan for your weight loss regime. Call us for your complimentary consultation.


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