Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Are you finding that as you age, you are becoming self conscious about your hands? It has been said that hands and necks are giveaways to our actual ages, so it’s important that we take care of them! Erase those annoying sunspots and wrinkles and reduce the tendons crevices and blue veins on the back of your hands. How? By state of the art rejuvenation treatments and they actually work!

The FDA-approved Radiesse dermal filler special formulas adds volume to the back of your hand. Because it is an opaque filler, it even hides the bluish tone of your veins while it minimizes the look of your tendons.

Before Treatment

Galderma Dermal Filler Treatment Before

After Treatment

Galderma Dermal Filler Treatment Before

The old hand gets new life!

Radiesse dermal filler, provides a structural scaffold for new collagen growth. That smooths your skin from the inside, restoring a youthful appearance to aging hands. It gives you immediate improvement! After your body absorbs Radiesse’s gel, its calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres continue to promote collagen development for up to a year.

Old hands get smooth, long-lasting result

Smooth, long-lasting result

Restores lost volume

Restores lost volume

Radiesse hand thinning

Minimizes the visibility of veins and tendons

For the most help you can ever think of to restore your youthful hands, try Radiesse to minimize and hide veins and tendons and restore lost volume.

We do faces, too!

Radiesse’s formula for lower-face fills lines and folds:

  • Smile lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Corners of mouth
  • Jowl lines
  • Chin wrinkles

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