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Platelet-rich plasma for hair restoration therapy

Benefits of this therapy

Platelet-rich plasma uses your blood platelets for hair restoration therapy to restore hair growth, rejuvenate your skin, and repair scars and stretch marks. After drawing about two teaspoons of blood, Dr. Nangrani isolates its platelets and prepares the site for microneedling. Taking advantage of your activated platelet growth factors uses your unique cells to stimulate stem cell production. The stem cell response mobilizes your fibroblasts, or collagen-producing cells, and triggers the development of collagen, fatty tissue, and new blood vessels. Platelet-rich plasma for hair gives your hair optimal conditions for regrowth.

Hair restoration therapy gives more structure for hair regrowth

With a thin needle, the doctor injects your platelet-rich plasma into your scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job, and hair growth is naturally stimulated.

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