FemTouch can improve vaginal health for women of all ages.

What Does FemTouch Do?

FemTouch prompts new vaginal tissue growth by triggering collagen production. This healing response will follow two to four short out-patient treatments, the number of treatments depending on your desired outcome. You may actually notice improvement after only one or two treatment sessions.

Youthful vaginal tissue is usually elastic and spongy. When it gets thin and taut or lax, it may also be dry and itchy. This can result in vaginal and urinary tract infections. FemTouch revives both internal and external tissue parts of the vagina. Healing strategies rely on the growth of new, supple tissue after removing or ablating older, dryer tissue. Applied along the vaginal walls, FemTouch causes very gentle, controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining. It requires no anesthesia or special post-procedure care.

The treatment stimulates the body’s own regenerative processes. Your body creates elastin and collagen, making more-hydrated and healthy cells. At the same time, it improves the blood supply within the vaginal walls. Many symptoms of vaginal atrophy or aging simply disappear!

Can I Benefit from It?

Women up to even 80 years of age who want to improve their vaginal health are candidates for FemTouch. Women who are menopausal may notice decreased estrogen levels. This results in thinning walls of your vagina, causes urine leakage, and makes sexual intercourse painful. All these can affect intimacy between partners. Women as young as 20 may also experience symptoms from prolonged breastfeeding or progesterone-only contraception. If you are in premature or induced menopause, or have been for extended periods on cancer medications like Tamoxifen, you may be a candidate. As a result of these symptoms, your quality of life suffers!

If You Want to Know More…

Call to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss how FemTouch could improve your life. For more information, see https://vedasmedspa.com/aesthetics/aesthetic-services/femtouch/

Here is a review for an out-of-state facility that is also clearly written: FemTouch is a Game Changer for Women.


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