Fat Transfer, or Fat Grafting

When can a detriment become an asset?

Using your own fat as dermal filler!

When you have your own fat cells removed from part of your body, purified, and injected into sagging cheeks and thinning lips or to enhance your breasts or buttocks.

Fat transfer may involve several sessions of liposuction, but using your own fat reduces the chance of reaction. Multiple fat transfer procedures may be needed to achieve the desired result. After grafting fat into the new area of your body, the grafted fat will redevelop its own blood supply in order to survive. About half of the transferred fat usually survives. Results may be long-lasting, but should not be considered permanent.

Where can I use my own fat as dermal filler?

Transferring fat to buttocks, sometimes called a “butt lift,” and fat transfer breast augmentation can improve both your profile and your outlook on life! Considering reconstruction after breast surgery, or to even out and make breasts more symmetrical? When you consult with Dr. Nangrani, she will review all possibilities for improvement!

Fat Transfer to Face

When you consider fat transfer to fill your sagging cheeks or thinning lips, Vedas recommends a “try-out” procedure using other dermal facial fillers before you do fat grafting.

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