Fat Removal Conroe: Different Types Of Liposuction

SmartLipo is the preferred fat removal procedure

SmartLipo is the preferred fat removal procedure

Are you looking into liposuction as your preferred fat removal procedure? Liposuction removes excess body fat by suction using special surgical equipment. Primary uses are to improve body appearance or to smooth an irregular body shape. Also called body contouring, liposuction is cosmetic surgery. Read on to learn about the different techniques used by doctors nowadays. Choosing the technique that suits you personally gives you the best outcome and you can get the results you want.

Which fat removal procedure is for you?

Tumescent liposuction, or fluid injection

The most common form of liposuction. It uses a special sterile solution to break apart the fat cells for easier removal and visible results. The doctor injects a large amount of medicated solution. This fluid can be up to three times the amount of fat. A mixture of local anesthetic, a drug to contract the blood vessels, and an intravenous saline solution, this liquid helps remove the fat more easily. The doctor suctions out the liquid along with the fat. This type generally takes longer than other types.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL)

UAL turns fat cells into a liquid with ultrasonic vibrations. Then the doctor suctions out the fat cells. UAL done externally uses a special emitter; UAL done internally uses a small, heated cannula. This technique may help remove fat from dense, fibrous areas of the body such as the upper back or enlarged male breast tissue. The doctor may use UAL as a follow-up procedure with the tumescent technique.

Super-wet technique

This technique uses an amount of fluid equal to the amount of fat. It often requires sedation or general anesthesia but takes less time.

Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL) is also known as SmartLipo fat removal procedure

LAL liquefies the fat cells with a laser for easy removal. The cannula used during LAL is smaller than those used in traditional liposuction. It can be used in confined areas like the chin, jowls, and face. SmartLipo also boosts collagen production, tightening and smoothing the skin’s surface.

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