fat grafting

Fat Grafting uses your fat as dermal filler

Fat grafting or fat transfer uses your tissue as a dermal filler. Places for using it include small scar correction, cheek volume, and breast and buttocks enhancement.

Why do fat grafting?

A German surgeon described this procedure in 1893. Its use has grown from scar reduction to include post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and butt lift. Because it uses your tissue, there is no immune response. Dr. Nangrani will remove fat by liposuction at each visit, and then she will clean it and transfer it to its new site. Rebuilding breasts and buttocks will need more sessions if the volume of fat transferred will be large.


Your healing response and factors in the grafted fat help to grow a new blood supply. Not all the transferred fat survives, but with good technique and several grafts, the new tissue will give the volume desired. Even when the fat graft itself seems not to take, the skin quality over the graft improves with the new blood supply.

Cosmetic uses

Collagen loss in the face causes sagging skin and wrinkles. Fat transfer as a dermal filler in the face provides a natural way to reconstruct your younger face.

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For more information

See https://www.breastcancer.org/treatment/surgery/reconstruction/types/autologous/fat-grafting

and https://vedasmedspa.com/fat-transfer-the-woodlands/

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