Energy Medicine

Healing your body and your energy

Western medicine heals the human flesh and blood body. In contrast, Energy medicine treats the vital energy flowing through our bodies, balancing our body’s electromagnetic field. Recently, ancient energy medicine has been surging in our diverse communities and within western medicine.

Sing the body electric!

Scientific researchers are discovering that the entire world is electrodynamic. So all medicine finds common theoretical ground. In time, wellness may lie in adjusting human electrical frequencies. As a result, light, sound, and electromagnetism can prevent illness and increase health. [Joanne De Luca and Janine Lopiano, at Sputnik future-forecasting consultancy] Also, frequency therapies will increase. As a result, music is being reinvented as energy medicine.

Some scientific methods of energy medicine

  • Biophotonics Visible light radiates from cells of all living things. It may regulate our biological systems overall. So bio-resonance therapy can harmonize the body’s biophysical fields.
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) increases cell mitochondria. Mitochondria are “energy plants” that control aerobic capacity and restore tissues. Because it can stimulate nerves to reduce pain and inflammation, PEMF use is widespread in hospitals and at-home devices.
  • Optogenetic tools excite neurons using light to activate and silence brain circuits. The aim is to treat pain, blindness, epilepsy, and depression using light.
  • Electroceuticals can wirelessly activate insulin production, the immune system, or gene therapy. More and more, smartphone apps can activate electroceuticals.

Negative energy

Electromagnetic pollution constantly surrounds us.

  • cell phones
  • base stations
  • appliances
  • power lines
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • security systems

All this tech overloads the power grid. At the same time and in addition, tech overload exposes us to “dirty” electricity and high-frequency electromagnetic frequencies. In the future, devices must become compatible with our human energy fields. So architects and engineers will build for the future. In the meantime, wellness resorts and real estate developers are devising systems to shield clients from electricity and Wi-Fi signals at the touch of a switch. So we will rely on “friendlier” smaller tech being cleaned up.

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More details in “Energy Medicine Gets Serious,” from the Future of Wellness 2020

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