Emsculpt your abs and butt!

When you don’t have time for 20,000 sit-ups to tone and tighten your abs and butt, come to Vedas for the latest FDA-approved technology, Emsculpt. Improving your muscle definition with Emsculpt, you can reach your goal without the strenuous exercise to get there!

By focusing electromagnetic energy on each muscle group in your abs or your butt, Emsculpt causes stronger muscle contractions than ordinary exercise. The normal response by your muscles is to create more muscle fiber, reduce the localized fat, and increase muscle definition. Yes to sixpacks and buttlifts!

Get ready!

You don’t need any special pre-treatment preparation or post-treatment care, so with Emsculpt, you can relax! During your treatment, your metabolism increases, burning fat while your muscles strengthen.

There are no injections; all you add to your butt is toning and a more pleasing shape. Emsculpt non-surgically lifts and tones to give your butt a firm, round appearance.

Your plan

A typical cycle of treatments is four 30-minute sessions, two to three days and up to a week apart. In seven clinical studies, this plan saw an average 19% reduction in fat and a 16% increase in muscle mass. The magnetic waves use no heat or cold, and make a very comfortable, pain-free procedure. The treatment is like a virtual, very strenuous, workout. After achieving your goal, you will maintain your appearance with brush-up sessions after three to six months.

Are you a candidate?

Everyone can benefit from Emsculpt, the ideal treatment for good results without surgery. Combined with your own workout regimen, you’ll see a new you for the long term. You should see definite results two to four weeks after your last session. As your new muscle works in, your improvement will continue for several weeks after treatment.

For your free consultation and to find out how Emsculpt can improve your life, call Vedas now!

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