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Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Get the cellulite facts: Cellulite is a structural problem created by fat cells beneath the skin bulging up between stiffening, restrictive tissue bands.  The real problem is those vertical bands. They pull downward and, as a result, force your normally smooth skin, well-cushioned by underlying fat, into bumps and dimples. Cellulite is harmless but can look unattractive. Cellulite reduction treatments must address the structural problem.

What lies beneath the skin?

Cellulite is found beneath the skin, usually in women (how annoying) and you may see it around your thigh, tummy, and back area. As you age, your skin makes less and less collagen, the protein that contributes to your skin’s natural thickness. At the same time, connective tissue bands under the skin stiffen and make pocks and dimples on the surface. The fat pockets those bands surround become larger and push up. Without the connective bands, no cellulite. Without the fat, no cellulite. So, reducing cellulite will depend on snipping some of those constrictive bands and reducing some of those fat cells.

Why Oh Why? Cellulite facts:

When you are an adult, you may see cellulite develop as those connective bands stiffen with age, especially when you have had a dramatic weight change. Other factors include genetics and hormones. Hormones are the chemical “messenger” substances that travel in your bloodstream to tissues and organs. Hormones affect many different processes, including growth, development, and metabolism, and how your body gets energy from the foods you eat. You may not be able to affect cellulite by adjusting your hormones or softening those connective bands. Cellulite facts: cellulite reduction treatments must change those restrictive tissue bands.

Can I massage cellulite away?

Because you are concerned with changing a structure, massaging and using topical creams will feel good but won’t affect the cellulite. Your orange peel skin will remain. No treatment that does not change those tissue bands or remove the fat cells can work to reduce your cellulite.

Cellulite Reduction

Venus Freeze and Cellulaze are two treatments for reducing cellulite.

Non-invasive Venus Freeze treatment for cellulite

Venus Freeze uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat your tissue and stimulate collagen and elastin production under your skin to tighten your skin. RF treatment can also kill fat cells, reducing the fat layer in the treated area when cooling is controlled. Venus Freeze tightens lax skin and improves cellulite by reducing the fat that presses out between fibrous bands. Your body’s system gets rid of the fat naturally.

Venus FreezeSkin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and cellulite reduction occur due to the multi-polar radiofrequency. The thermal reaction in your tissues stimulates your body’s natural healing response and causes new collagen to form and new elastin fibers to be produced. As a result, active collagen in the skin contracts, causing the skin to look and feel firmer. The elastin fibers unravel, making the skin appear more elastic.

Just as cellulite can appear in many parts of your body, Venus Freeze can treat many parts of your body.


Cellulaze helps release cellulite’s tissue bands

How cellulaze works on cellulite and orange peel skin or dimples

How cellulaze works on cellulite and orange peel skin or dimples

A qualified physician performs Cellulaze® from Cynosure, a minimally-invasive laser-assisted procedure that treats and ‘snips’ those fibrous bands. It also liquefies some of the fat, which can then be pressed out.

Cellulaze, clinically proven to increase your skin’s natural thickness and elasticity, gives you a smoother, healthier look that lasts.

Cellulite facts: as you age, your hormones, genetics, and dramatic weight changes can cause connective tissue bands under the skin to stiffen. The fat cells they surround push up into the skin, creating a dimpled effect. While other anti-cellulite treatments may focus on cellulite superficially, applying treatment above the skin, only Cellulaze treats the fibrous bands beneath the skin.

Cellulaze has an impressive body of clinical proof

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