Cellulite FAQ explains Cellulaze treatmentCellulite FAQ: it’s a structural problem

Even the best skin can’t hide cellulite. Connective tissue bands under the skin make pocks and dimples. When the bands stiffen, the fat cells they surround become larger and push up. As you age, your skin’s natural thickness subsides and it becomes less elastic. For that smoother, healthier-looking skin, Cellulaze releases the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin. Leveling out the bumps of fat also stimulates collagen production to increase your skin’s depth and elasticity. Your cellulite FAQ:

Where Does Cellulite Come From?

Cellulite is the direct result of dramatic weight changes, genetics, hormones, and aging. As connective tissue stiffens with age, its loss of flexibility increases the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite Can’t be Reduced Externally

Temporary anti-cellulite treatments that apply creams or massage still won’t address the situation directly, no matter how good they feel in the process. Cellulaze, a laser-assisted and minimally-invasive procedure, uses a very small tube. The doctor threads a laser fiber through a tiny incision in your skin, about the size of a pen tip.

Cellulaze In a Nutshell

Your doctor will mark on your skin the areas of cellulite she will treat. After applying local anesthesia or numbing solution, she threads the Cellulaze laser fiber through the small incision with a very small cannula. The doctor will target bulging pockets of fat, liquefying them, disconnect the fibrous connections between skin and muscle, and tighten and smooth overlying skin by sending energy to the underside of the skin to thicken it and increase its elasticity. The liquefied fat is gently pressed out.

After Cellulaze

You will be able to return to your normal activities after a day or two, and to more strenuous exercise after one or two weeks. Your immediate results will continue to improve for the next three to twelve months. If you can maintain your weight, the fat removed will not come back, also keeping cellulite from coming back.

After this short cellulite FAQ, call us at 281-298-5476 for a complimentary consultation to explore reducing your cellulite. For a bit more information, go to https://vedasmedspa.com/aesthetics/aesthetic-services/cellulite/.

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