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Lists of Treatments can be our top aesthetic treatments, annual treatment trends, and focused lists for skin, face, or body. Our lists are handy guides to your further knowledge and aesthetic goals.

  • Summer combination treatments for this heat

    Summer combination treatments for glowing NOT sweaty skin this summer! The temperature is rising and it’s getting HOT out there! Summer combination treatments will help you in this heat. Skin treatments are in demand this summer and we thought we would share our hottest list with you. Here are some of our most popular beauty treatments. Dr. Nangrani delivers the

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  • Aesthetic non-invasive treatments guide

    Aesthetic non-invasive treatments guide Here at Vedas, we believe in the aesthetics of aging gracefully. You can look your absolute best. Our simplest Aesthetic non-invasive treatments guide is our Aesthetics menu. Balancing facial features as you age is an underlying concept in anti-aging medicine. When you meet with Dr. Nangrani, she will assess your facial features. Her criteria: symmetry, skin

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  • Body Contouring

    Body Contouring Body Contouring. It can be so frustrating when you adopt a healthy lifestyle, work out regularly, and eat ‘clean and lean’ and you’re not getting the shape you desire. We’re talking about not just getting ‘in shape’ (healthy) but the actual shape of your body contours. Celebrities have been doing it for years and the cat is out

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  • Why Plan Winter Treatments?

    Chill-out this winter and hibernate your skin With a higher UV index in the summer months, winter skin treatments are the best! Cooler weather provides the perfect excuse to stay inside or even hide under bulky winter-layered clothing, that can allow you to recover undetected! While it’s non-stop raining and cold, here are a few tweakments that you may consider.

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  • Most Popular Non-Invasive Aesthetic Christmas Trends

    The 12 Biggest Aesthetic Trends 2023 Bespoke aesthetic trends have hit the aesthetic market in a big way in 2021! Treatments include body contouring treatments and new injectables, Dr. Nangrani says, “We have seen the next generation of injectables like Kysse, the first dermal filler specifically approved by the FDA to be used in the lip area. I am seeing

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  • Fall favorite treatments

    Fall favorite treatments that you should consider Come into Vedas for your personalized combination of our fall favorite treatments, products, and techniques for flawless, clear, and glowing skin. You deserve good skin! As we age our skin stops producing collagen, dries out, and the underlying layer of fat shrinks so your face no longer has a plump, smooth surface. The joys

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  • Summer Anti-Aging Treatments

      Get in the know this Summer It’s a sizzler out there and we have narrowed down our top Summer anti-aging treatments in our Perfect Summer Treatments Guide. Some of these treatments may be small, but they deliver HOT anti-aging improvements. Look and feel your best this Summer! Chaitali Nangrani M.D has over fifteen years of experience as your trusted

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  • Skin care optimization

    Skin Care Optimization Let’s talk about skincare optimization! We all supplement our at-home skincare regimen with treatments by qualified professionals. That way, we optimize our at-home results. Medical grade, non-invasive treatments do have the power to turn back the clock. They all give you natural-looking results. You can optimize without looking different, different. As a result, you’ll look more youthful

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  • 5 expert ways to spring clean your skin

    Spring is in the air, so let’s Spring clean your skin! Let’s talk about getting your glow back and giving your skin a good old Spring clean, let’s press the reset button together. Medical-grade, non-invasive treatments do have the power to turn back the clock. They all give you natural-looking results. You can optimize without looking different, different. As a

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  • Combination treatments for all

    What combination treatments are most popular with our clients Combination skin treatments are in demand this winter and we thought we would share our winter glowing skin edit with you. Here are some of our most popular beauty treatments and here’s why. Dr. Nangrani delivers the best possible results using the best possible tools and with over fifteen years of

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