Can Covid-19 vaccines affect your period?

COVID-19 vaccine and your period

Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect your period? Vaccines are arguably our best chance to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Common vaccine side effects include fevers, fatigue, headache, and body aches. In addition to these, some women who have had a first or second vaccine dose have experienced severe periods, heavier flow, longer duration, and extreme pain, though a more prevalent apparent effect is lighter periods and longer menstrual cycles. Many conditions can cause irregularities, including stress, both physical and psychological. Although menstrual period and cycle changes are expected to be temporary after getting a vaccine, experts are exploring a potential link.

Exploring the phenomenon

An article in Pharmaceutical-technology highlighted the case of Dr. Katie Lee. Dr. Lee is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Division of Public Health Sciences at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. In fact, after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine in January, she noticed changes to her menstrual cycle. She experienced cramping and spotting, despite having a hormonal intrauterine device that usually prevents her from getting periods.

Together, Drs Clancy and Lee launched an online survey to analyze the menstrual experiences of patients who have received COVID-19 vaccines. Their research into the potential link is ongoing. As a result of their research, we will know a lot more about how vaccines affect women’s menstrual cycles.

“We’re just in the initial stages of analysis,” Lee says. “But I would say it reinforces our hypotheses that this vaccine triggers a huge immune response, and the associated inflammatory processes that lead to things like the fever or the fatigue, some of those cellular physiological processes are likely impacting the inflammatory processes that regulate menstrual cycles in some people who are getting the vaccine.” So you may have noticed a change in your cycle.

You’re not alone: can COVID-19 vaccine affect your period?

If you have experienced this phenomenon, Dr. Lee’s research could suggest that this is a normal reaction. However, if you are experiencing persisting pain, and irregular menstrual cycles months after your vaccine, please seek medical assistance.

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*Source for Dr. Lee’s findings Pharmaceutical-technology

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