Bye, bye bulge

Why is it super-challenging to lose those last few pounds? Good diet, careful portion control, and diligent exercise. But no matter how much effort you put in, you cannot say ’bye to those little bulges!

Don’t despair, Dr. Nangrani has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve your goal. Here are some treatments that can help you lose the battle of the bulges.

Bulges going…

Venus Freeze
Improve your appearance by tightening skin, reducing your circumference, and decreasing cellulite. A Venus Freeze treatment feels like a hot stone massage!

Quick and effortless, Venus Freeze treatments can help you

  • tighten skin in your face, neck, and entire body
  • reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • reduce by inches
  • improve your cellulite

Bye, bye bulge!


Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction
Cellulite is a structural problem under the skin when bands of connective tissue compress your skin unevenly, causing bulges. Cellulaze® from Cynosure disconnects those bands and reduces the fat cells between them that make your skin bulge.

Your body responds well to Cellulaze treatment. As a result, its healing reaction increases your skin’s natural thickness and elasticity for a smoother, healthier look that lasts. Dr. Nangrani, a highly-qualified physician always performs this minimally-invasive, laser-assisted procedure. Clinically proven, Cellulaze works!

Bye, bye bulge!


Now you can remove the fat that causes those bulges! Laser-assisted Smart Lipo is an ideal treatment for bulges all over your body. Even better, you may be able treat several areas in a single session, depending on the extent and location of the areas. So, your tummy/abdominal area, arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, and chin smooth and tighten. Smart Lipo can also improve men’s enlarged breasts and gynecomastia!

Bye, bye bulge!

Whatever your problem areas, wherever your bulges, Dr. Nangrani will help you achieve your goal.

The doctor offers a free consultation with no obligation, so call today! (281) 298-5476.


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