What is a Brazilian Butt Lift ?

The popularity of shapely buttocks (don’t you deserve a sexier butt?) promotes several treatments for this enhancement, known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. Adding volume to the buttocks is accomplished by fat transfer or fat grafting from another part of your body. One or more sessions of SmartLipo harvests fat from excess deposits elsewhere in the body and place it in the buttocks. About half of the transferred fat survives, creating its own blood supply and collagen support, and turning slender buttocks into more fashionable and shapely buttocks.

Because the fat may be precisely injected, this procedure is ideal for those who want to improve the appearance of flat, saggy, or asymmetrical buttocks, and can result in the perfect butt. If you have recently experienced extreme or drastic weight loss, you might be a candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift.

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