Your best dermal filler

Dermal fillers are designed to add volume to soft tissue and fill in wrinkles. Filler gels are typically made with hyaluronic acid. Applied carefully in small injections, the best dermal filler use is virtually undetectable, but the change in your looks is impressive!

Getting to perfect

Dermal fillers can plump your cheeks. More volume can also improve your jawline and fill your tear troughs. It can reshape your lips. It can  even improve the shape of your nose! The result? A new you!

At Vedas, we provide only the best products on the market. Choosing a dermal filler can be daunting. What is your desired improvement? Smoothing out your profile, making your lips more kissable, plumping aging cheeks, or filling upper lip lines? Which is the best dermal filler in each place? Let us help you with that decision!

Vedas makes the choice easy

A filler’s effectiveness may last eighteen months, or two years, or for up to five years, like Bellafill. Your metabolism, lifestyle, and exercise regime all affect how quickly your body absorbs a dermal filler. But choosing the best dermal filler based only on how long it is effective might direct you to a filler that is not the best for your use.

So how do you choose between multi-purpose Revanesse Versa and a filler specifically made for lips like Restylane Silk?

Come to Vedas! Dr. Nangrani assesses your desired outcome during your consultation, and as a result, she recommends the best filler for you. She has over fifteen years’ experience injecting the best dermal fillers. We work only with the best fillers from several reputable companies, so you truly get her impartial opinion. With Dr. Nangrani’s evaluation, you will leave your consult with a good plan and a schedule. Using the best dermal filler for your best results is the best decision you can make!


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