Summer selection for anti-aging

Summer selection

We have narrowed down our top anti-aging treatments in our summer selection guide. As a result, you can find your perfect summer treatment. As you can see, some of these treatments may be small, but they yield BIG anti-aging improvements.

Chaitali Nangrani M.D has over fifteen years experience as your trusted practitioner. She offers a FREE consultation with no obligation.

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Some popular anti-aging treatments

For best results, scan the entire list! We’ve grouped them loosely.

  • Cellulite Reduction: Cellulite is a structural problem beneath your skin. Afterwards, less orange peel skin.
  • Contour: Improve your facial contours and restore volume and fullness.
  • Emsculpt: Build muscle and burn fat with no surgery and no downtime.
  • Injectables: Great correction abilities, no down-time from usual activities, and minimally invasive.
  • PDO Threads: For a natural-looking, minimally-invasive facelift, use threads!
  • Scar Reduction: A scar is a natural part of the healing process, but we can make it look better.
  • Smart Liposuction: You’re close to your perfect weight but can’t lose that extra fat.
  • Tattoo Removal: Get rid of that reminder of the foolishness of youth!
  • Vaginal Health: Has decreased estrogen dried you out?
  • Vein Therapy: Treat blood vessels and blood vessel malformations.
  • Venus Freeze: Tighten your skin!


Lines, wrinkles, and scars

Anti-aging for skin and hair

Shape/Re-shape for anti-aging


                       YLIFT Before and After

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