SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel The Woodlands

Reducing the signs of aging with facial treatments such as microdermabrasion and dermal fillers can provide temporary results, but innovative procedures such as SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel show clinical long-lasting results for those who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for the long-term.

The new technology of fraxelated or micro-ablative laser can achieve the same dramatic results as long-used ablative CO2 without the long downtime and uncomfortable recovery associated with the older treatment. Long term benefits of the Fraxel CO2 SmartLaser include the improvement of skin elasticity, clarity, and texture.

SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel The Woodlands is like getting three laser treatments in one!

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced
  2. Hyperpigmentation (brown spots or age spots) are reduced
  3. Skin is tighter and more refined

Vedas SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel Procedure

This treatment is done in one session, with one recovery! CO2 fraxelated lasers provide an intensive skin resurfacing treatment targeting key areas of the face that show signs of premature aging. The treatment can also address acne scars, pigmented skin, and deeper wrinkles.The SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel might allow you to forego that traditional facelift in favor of a laser treatment. While surgery improves the volume and shape of the face, it doesn’t do anything for the quality of your skin. SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel provides immediate, dramatic improvements in just ten days for most patients, though some patients require more than one treatment.

Dr. Nangrani’s opinion of SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel

“Perhaps even more promising, treating skin with lasers earlier in the aging process—beginning in our forties—may actually slow or prevent the skin from breaking down and appearing wrinkled and saggy later on in life. By removing some of the skin layers at an earlier age and stimulating the growth of new collagen, we can actually slow down the aging process significantly, allowing us to have healthier, better-looking skin in our golden years.”

Our clients are our top priority here at Vedas, located in The Woodlands, Texas. Our North Houston office is conveniently located only 10 minutes from I45 and a step off The Woodlands Parkway. We offer a complimentary consultation to our clients for personalized information on SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel and to get acquainted with our board-certified Medical Director, Dr. Nangrani, who has practiced for over 15 years. Please call our office to schedule your consultation.

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