A Gentle FemTouch™ Can Improve Your Life

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal laxity or a general lack of internal and external tightness
  • Pain, vaginal discomfort, or bleeding during sex
  • Incontinence when you are laughing or exercising

Decreased estrogen levels may result in thinning of the walls of your vagina, cause urine leakage, and make sexual intercourse painful, affecting intimacy between partners. Your quality of life suffers! Younger women may experience symptoms following prolonged breastfeeding or progesterone-only contraception, premature or induced menopause, and extended periods on cancer medications like Tamoxifen.

The ideal solution? Lumenis FemTouch, a non-surgical CO2 laser procedure. FemTouch provides very gentle controlled ablation and remodeling of the vaginal lining. Youthful vaginal tissue is usually elastic and spongy. When it changes and becomes thin and taut or lax, it may also be dry and itchy, predisposing you to vaginal and urinary tract infections. Restore your vaginal tissue to its self-lubricating and flexible best and improve bladder control; rely on FemTouch!

FemTouch rejuvenates the tissue, improving both internal and external parts of the vagina. By stimulating the body’s own regenerative processes, the treatment stimulates the activity of cells that create elastin and collagen, creating more hydrated and healthy cells and improving the blood supply within the vaginal walls. Many symptoms of vaginal atrophy or aging simply disappear!

Nearly all women with vaginal atrophy symptoms may benefit, including those

  • In peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause
  • With symptoms brought on by cancer medications or surgery and who cannot use hormone-based treatments
  • Who dislike or haven’t improved with topical estrogen hormone replacement therapy
  • With painful perineal scarring post-birth
  • With recurrent thrush or bladder infections (UTIs)

A safe, outpatient procedure—each treatment takes 15 minutes at most—with minimal to no side effects, FemTouch is repeated at intervals for a number of months, and requires a follow-up session a year later. You should experience no downtime at all, and may resume your normal activities immediately, even allowing only a short rest from sexual intercourse. To maintain its beneficial results, you may require another single treatment every one to two years. Your complimentary consultation will help Dr. Nangrani determine FemTouch’s suitability for you and the best schedule for your treatments.

With Vedas’ FemTouch, you can feel as young as you look, and get back that lovin’ feelin’—no more ouch or oops!

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