Aesthetics trends in 2018

Aesthetics trends in 2018Aesthetics is a rapidly growing industry. It is projected to be worth $19 Billion by 2023! We have sifted through the wealth of information available. In the final analysis, here are aesthetics trends for our business and for the aesthetics industry as a whole.

Trend 1. Medical grade facials are growing in popularity.

VI Chemical Peels and HydraFacial are medical grade facials that offer you a long-term treatment plan. Regularly keeping up with your facial guarantees you fresher, plumper, and more youthful-looking skin. With this in mind, we heartily encourage preventive care. HydraFacial Chemical Peels

Trend 2. PDO Threads were first developed for heart surgery.

When we use PDO Threads for your non-invasive facelift, we place them under the skin and above the muscle for an instant lift. In fact, Threads combine well with fillers. They offer incredible results without the cutting and recovery time of a traditional facelift procedure. PDO Threads

Trend 3. Liquid facelifts using fillers and injectables.

You don’t need to have surgery for a dramatic look, because 2018 is the year of subtle changes. The more you use products like Botox, the less you need over time, so a little product goes a long way. It can rejuvenate your eye area without taking a single stitch! Dermal fillers Injectables

Trend 4. Vaginal rejuvenation.

FemTouch laser treatment resurfaces the lining of your vagina with a very gentle, controlled ablation. FemTouch remodels it, resulting in healthier cells and less dryness. Women who have had children or are in menopause or later can benefit from this procedure. Those who have suffered illnesses can also benefit. FemTouch improves your vaginal tissue both internally and externally. FemTouch

2018 Aesthetics trends

To sum up, we don’t blindly recommend that you follow every trend in aesthetic treatments. But these are trends for a reason! Everything in our list can improve your life. In fact, each can extend your youthful appearance! For your complimentary consultation with Dr. Nangrani, call today! You can carefully consider which of our predicted trends will work best for you.

For more thoughts on aesthetics trends this year, see More 2018 aesthetics trends

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