Aesthetic trends set to explode

Aesthetic trends set to explode

Aesthetic trends set to explode

Here is our aesthetic beauty trends edit for 2022! Some you will recognize from 2021 like the chemical peel. It’s all about natural beauty but what you see isn’t always what you get… So let’s go behind the scenes. Incorporate these amazing treatments in your beauty toolbox, so let’s learn more. Here goes! and don’t forget that Chaitali Nangrani M.D is a qualified medical doctor with over fifteen years of experience and offers a FREE consultation.

Chemical Peels

VI Chemical Peels are suitable for all skin types. This peel provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no skin preparation, and little downtime! So you can enjoy radiant, younger-looking skin in about a week.

Smooth out the texture or color of your skin with skin resurfacing. Or remove an outer layer of skin or epidermis to stimulate the growth of new collagen fibers. As a result, you form new, smoother, and firmer skin. So a laser peel can reduce facial wrinkles, scars, and blemishes with extreme precision.

Lip Treatments

Enhance your lips with natural-looking results. You can improve your facial contours by restoring volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds or smile lines, and to fill in acne scars. Several products can work as smile lines fillers. Dermal fillers can also enhance your lips. To minimize any discomfort, we can use a topical anesthetic and local injections. Dermal filler advantages

We offer JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel and Bellafill® dermal fillers. We can also use your own fat as a dermal filler. Here are several smile lines fillers.

Advanced skin tightening

SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel

The latest FDA-approved technologies reduce the signs of aging with facial treatments such as microdermabrasion and dermal fillers can provide temporary results. But innovative procedures such as SmartSkin CO2 Fraxel The Woodlands show clinical long-lasting results. As a result, you reduce fine lines and wrinkles for the long-term.

Laser revitalization treatment can diminish the deepest lines without surgery, with minimal downtime! Good for

  • wrinkles around your eyes (periorbital wrinkles)
  • crow’s feet
  • wrinkles around your mouth (perioral wrinkles)
  • frown lines
  • lipstick lines
  • smokers’ lines
  • facial wrinkles

Venus Viva

Venus Viva is the next generation in facial remodeling and skin resurfacing! It combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ and SmartScan™ technology. As a result, it effectively treats textural irregularities, scarring, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Here’s what to expect after your procedure:

  • Reduce signs of aging for a fresher, more youthful look
  • Decrease visible pores for even skin texture
  • Even out textural irregularities for refined-looking skin
  • Reduce acne scars for a cleaner and healthier complexion
  • Diminish deep lines and folds for younger-looking skin
  • Smooth necklace lines to reduce the signs of aging
  • Tighten and firm lax skin for a firmer décolleté

Non-surgical body sculpting

SmartLipo for body contouring

SmartLipo for body contouring

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments are one of the hottest aesthetic trends in 2022. There is an increased demand for ways to tone and sculpt their bodies without going under the knife. As a result, treatments like Emsculpt and SmartLipo are very popular in 2022!


Smart Lipo is ideal for your tummy/abdominal area, your arms, buttocks, hips, thighs, and chin. And male gynecomastia can be improved greatly with Smart Lipo! All these body areas can have difficult-to-reduce pockets of fat. In fact, you actually may be able to have several areas treated in a single session, depending on the extent and number of areas you want to be treated.

Contouring your body using Smart Lipo can help you reshape your future! With a healthy diet and exercise plan, you can enjoy long-lasting results starting within a week, with continued improvement over three to six months. Recontouring can also take the form of using your own fat, removed via SmartLipo, as a fat-transfer dermal filler to increase volume and improve contour in your buttocks, face, or breasts.


EMSCULPT builds muscle and burns fat. This non-invasive procedure works by placing paddles onto your stomach. Electromagnetic energy causes supramaximal contractions that deeply penetrate your muscles. They sculpt your Abs! That’s where the magic happens. Results show that during the treatment the metabolism increases, creating optimum results.

Where to find us?

You, our client, are our top priority here at Vedas. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, our North Houston office is only minutes from I-45 (Houston’s North Freeway). We offer you a free consultation for personalized information on SmartLipo The Woodlands. Come get acquainted with Dr. Nangrani, our board-certified Medical Director. She has practiced for over 15 years, and is a true artist with SmartLipo! Together, you will discuss your expectations and design your treatment plan. Please call our office to schedule your consultation at (281) 298-5476. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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