Bye Bye Acne

Acne! Usually it’s the result of your pores clogging up with dirt and grime. But in severe cases, no matter how thorough your skin care regimen, your skin can get worse and acne persists.

Acne often affects teenagers due to hormonal changes, not just dirty skin, and affects adults too. You can have acne on your face, neck, back, and chest. It can show as whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. Its larger boils can also be extremely painful. As a result, acne can make you feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious.

When acne persists

If your home remedies don’t work, then consult Dr. Nangrani.

Our treatments can help. HydraFacials completely deep-clean your skin—a HydraFacial is like a pressure wash for your face, neck, and chest area, extracting dead cells from deep in your pores. Retin-A products, derived from vitamin A, can help improve inflammatory acne, and can only be prescribed by a doctor.

After acne

When acne has healed, acne scarring can be treated with skin resurfacing treatments like Microneedling, Chemical Peels, and CO2 Laser. These aesthetic procedures penetrate the surface of the skin, encouraging new collagen production and smoothing the skin. Improvements can be seen over time and are long lasting, although results vary.

Whether your acne is in “full bloom,” or the inflammation has cooled, treatment at Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center can help you survive acne and its aftermath!

Dr. Nangrani offers a complimentary consultation and will thoroughly assess your skin. We also accept most major insurance carriers for medical treatment.

Let Dr. Nangrani help you. Call us today and schedule your appointment (281) 298-5476.

Vedas Medical Spa & Wellness Center, 10 minutes from I-45 and a step off The Woodlands Parkway.

For more about treating acne and acne scars, see our page about acne

For some background information on acne, see the American Academy of Dermatology


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